Solutions for the Digital Workspace

Make Office 365, mission critical applications, and user logon times perform natively on public and private cloud desktop virtualization platforms

FSLogix Apps is a software agent that enables virtual desktop administrators to massively reduce the number of Windows Gold images, easily manage per-user applications, optimize license costs while assuring compliance, and eliminate some of their biggest problems in VDI and RDSH.

FSLogix enables enterprises to easily go from way too many images, to a single Unified Base Image, without repackaging applications, ever.

Using image or "application masking ", a single Windows image can serve any number of users by presenting only the apps, addins, fonts, printers, folders etc. that they're allowed to see by organization and/or admin defined policy.

With the addition of the FSLogix Office 365 Container module to complement our ability to merge centralized Profile Containers and App Containers into the user’s desktop, FSLogix offers the most flexible and powerful solutions to transform the modern digital workspace.

Featured Solutions

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Java Redirection

Automatic redirections of multiple Java versions with no sequencing or repackaging for apps and URLs.

Profile Containers

Remove legacy profile management, speed up user logins, & eliminate overhead on core infrastructure.

License Management

Enforce application entitlement with a single tool across all Windows infrastructure.

Office 365 Optimization

Make Office 365 and Hosted Exchange on virtual desktops perform like locally installed, or better.