Vendor “Jump Start”

We are a private UK-based business that offers sales, technical and marketing expertise and consultancy to hardware vendors and software developers. We specialise in providing affordable sales, technical and marketing services designed to boost your sales in geographical regions where you have not yet been able to realise the full potential of your new products. You may be a start-up launching your first product and just beginning to think about Europe. Wherever your company is located, if you have an underdeveloped presence in overseas markets and want to increase local demand for your products, Thinnovation can help.

Our range of services includes:
• Technical pre and post sales support, consultancy and services
• Marketing and business development consultancy
• Business planning
• Advice on marketing and localising software products for countries with special requirements
• Helping you to set up sales channels in Europe

An experienced team to understand your business objectives

Our style is hands-on and we make it our business to gain a clear understanding of your products and your business strategy. Providing additional breadth of expertise and resources to support Thinnovation projects we have associates in Europe and the United States. The team offers a broad range of marketing and business development skills combined with many years of experience gained in market sectors which include Server Based Computing, Thin Client, Desktop, Application and Workspace Virtualisation and the Internet of Things

Thinnovation provides…… “a local pair of hands”

We act as representatives of, and an extension to, your organisation.

Core Services

To ensure your business gets our full attention we limit the number of clients we take on at any time or we can work on an exclusive basis. And as a small consultancy we offer a service which is personal yet provides good value for money.

• Services for software and hardware developers selling to Europe
• Services for European software developers selling to the UK
• Services for UK software developers
• Services for Asian/Australian software developers selling to Europe

We also provide marketing and business development consultancy for local companies. If yours is a UK company that’s looking to develop new business through the proven sales channels, contact us and we’ll be pleased to tell you how we can assist.

Expand your European business with Thinnovation

Europe is a lucrative market for software and hardware vendors but are you taking full advantage of the opportunities here? You may have some distribution in place but are your products getting the attention across Europe that they deserve?

Currency, cultural and time differences make your entry into the European market all the more challenging. Thinnovation has the right experience and local contacts to help you overcome these difficulties and give your sales a boost in this important market. We can help you establish effective sales channels and much more.

The European market is home to almost a third of your potential customers – are they aware of your products? Are you making use of our local sales channels – distributors, resellers and system integrators – to complement your internet marketing programs?

The Internet can give you immediate access to this important market and through your website you can make sales directly to Europe as soon as you are ready to ship your new product. But how do your potential customers across Europe get to know about your products, if you’re new to Europe and don’t have a local office or local distributors?

Thinnovation is ideally positioned with the right location, sales, technical and marketing skills, industry experience and local contacts to create immediate awareness and demand for your products and give you a fast and profitable start in developing your European business. Whether we’re helping you with getting your product news to the European press or with setting up new sales channels, we support you through the challenging first steps into Europe so you can quickly gain the benefit of sales to new customers.

Here are some of the specific services we can offer:

Personal contacts to get the best attention

We act as your agents/employees. On a country-by-country basis we make personal contact with potential resellers and distributors to bring to their attention the opportunity with your products. To support this activity we can prepare and ship product evaluation kits to those who express interest in your products and provide first-line support to them during the evaluation process.

Comprehensive feedback and support for follow-ups

Following the initial review of available distributors we provide you with an analysis of options for distribution in the countries where we are working together. We can then support you as much or as little as you wish during the activities which follow – from advising during negotiations with prospective partners through to providing local support as your new distributor organises the new product launch.

Get sales moving quickly through resellers

If you want to stimulate sales in some countries before you have started work with a distribution partner, we can help you by, for example, making arrangements for your products to be available via the web in a local domain and language.

Local bundling opportunities provide extra momentum for your products

Through our local contacts we can identify opportunities to bundle your products with those from other vendors. We bring these opportunities to your attention and provide local support for the projects as needed.

Setting up sales channels in Europe

To help you find the distributors who are best for you, we offer our experience in international marketing and our contacts in the European distribution community.

Local marketing support for companies entering Europe

Our contacts with local companies – for example local distributors, resellers, VARs, ISVs – and European subsidiaries of many vendors – often create opportunities for co-marketing and product endorsement which we can follow up on your behalf. Free trade show booths, participation on promotional activity, joint advertising, bundling and competitions are just a few examples

Previous Partnerships

• Netier Technologies – US thin client vendor. Established EMEA distribution and reseller channel - acquired by Wyse Technology
• Wyse Technology – instrumental in establishing status as no.1 in Europe – acquired by Dell
• Igel Technology – German thin client vendor. Established UK offices and channel. Established as third largest TC vendor in UK within 18 months. Now second largest Thin Client vendor globally
• Appstream Inc – US application streaming and virtualisation start-up. Established EMEA presence. Presented to end users, delivered successful POC and pilot projects and delivered business to channel partners. Supported alliance partners in EMEA – Intel, Dell, Altiris and SUN – acquired by Symantec
• Systancia – French ISV specialising in SBC and VDI solutions. Launched UK operation developing channel partners and end user sales
• FSLogix Inc– US Developer of FSLogix Apps – with the best and simplest application virtualisation solution on the market – acquired by Microsoft